About Lady Pines Cupcakes

My name is Hannah Medley, owner and operator of Lady Pines Cupcakes, along with my “sous chefs”, Joss (11) and Dexter (9) and husband Paul.

When I’m in my kitchen creaming butter and sugar into a new batter, I’m my most creative self. I watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network with as much avidity as the typical baseball fan watches the World Series.

Buying colorful cupcakes liners and sanding sugar is my most potent form of retail therapy. Most importantly... because cupcakes the food equivalent of fun — and I love having fun in everything I do!

Lady Pines Cupcakes are a mix of classic cupcake and on-trend flavors, and unique cupcake interpretations of timeless desserts.

Place your order today online or contact me at hannah@ladypinescupcakes.com or 217-520-4060.